Brachial arms

Brachial arms, which have the circumference of a normal thigh, are already a real eye-catcher. No wonder that many male bodybuilders attach particular importance to upper body training. But many make the mistake of focusing mainly on the biceps. In fact, the underlying triceps make up two-thirds of the muscles.

So if you want to train really impressive upper arms, you should start by building up the triceps, and then shape the biceps for the visual finishing touch.

Train the triceps correctly

There are a variety of training options when building the three-part triceps. These can be tight bench presses, triceps pullovers with the SZ bar or the straight barbell, or even some variations of the triceps press on the pulley. With triceps training, however, it is particularly important to exhaust the full stretching capacity of the muscle. Half a bend is of little use here. It is better to use lower weights and perform the exercise correctly to ensure optimal triceps growth. A good exercise to achieve the full stretching ability is to work on the pulley, for example, with barbell pull-ups on a flat or incline bench. This is because the movement here takes place overhead. If you choose too heavy a weight here, you'll probably notice it right away. Because you'll be quickly rewarded with a backward roll as you follow the barbell. In any case, it is very important in tricept training that no exercise is performed with momentum. Because such an intense workout, performed incorrectly or with too much momentum, would strain the tendons and the joints. One more tip to promote the growth drive of the triceps: Exercises on the pulley with the variant one or two arms, train in the upper and lower grip. This exercise works down to the last fiber of this great muscle to make it grow even bigger.

To the massive triceps follows the training of the biceps

An effective exercise for defining the biceps are curls of all kinds. Especially with the barbell, the SZ barbell bar or the dumbbell while standing. However, here too, the exercise must never be performed with momentum, which can be easily controlled by looking in the mirror. Curls can also be trained extremely cleanly with the dumbbell in a seated position, especially if the upper arm is leaned against the knee. Training on the machine is less suitable for beginners, as the machine does nothing for the development of the sense of movement. For advanced users, however, it does a good job. The question often arises as to how intensively one should train the biceps. There is only one answer to this question: as long as you can easily grow your hair, you can go a step further in your training! Finally, a tip for the hardcore: Training with the barbell, on the well-padded and extremely stable curl bench, is intensified when the training partner exerts slight resistance at the beginning by pulling against the movement of the barbell. After that, you should continue training normally until nothing works anymore and you feel as if your biceps are about to explode. Then you have done everything right!

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