Healthy and fit with Paleo

Paleo - a synonym for well-being and performance
Paleo is a form of nutrition that helps you to slim down and lead a healthy, active life.
In this article, we therefore present the most important basic knowledge and valuable tips to help you switch to a Paleo diet without starving yourself or experiencing the famous yo-yo effect.What does Paleo mean?
Paleo is a diet based on the Paleolithic period, which is why it is also known as the "Stone Age diet" or "Stone Age diet".
Paleo is based on the principles of the hunter-gatherers of the past, whose dietary behavior is imitated with the corresponding foods of today. The focus of this diet is on high-quality food and sustainability. The foods that have been used in a modified form by the human species since the beginning of its 2.5 million year evolution are the central pillars. These provide our organism with an optimal supply of all important nutrients.

Paleo and its main ingredients
The Stone Age diet includes only natural, unprocessed foods that are rich in nutrients.
These include:
-Fruit and vegetables
-Fish and meat
-seeds and nuts and
-all healthy fats

Prohibited foods of the Paleo diet
As Paleo is a Stone Age diet, processed foods that were only available around 10,000 years ago, with the advent of agriculture, are just as undesirable as those with an increased amount of antinutrients, as these are harmful to the human body.
They include:
-Cereal products and pulses
-Dairy products
-processed, inferior vegetable fats and
-all artificial additives
The Paleo food pyramid gives you a detailed overview and valuable background information on the individual food groups and Paleo foods.
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Paleo and its benefits
As the Paleo diet harmonizes with our genes, it is the ideal form of nutrition for many people.
Paleo helps people to stay healthy, ideal weight and fit because their bodies have adapted to the foods of this dietary concept over the course of evolution.
The Western diet, on the other hand, which has only recently emerged in terms of overall historical development, is mainly responsible for the growing number of serious illnesses, including cardiovascular problems, cancer, diabetes, obesity, auto-immune diseases and depression. This is due to the use of sugar, highly processed foods and inadequate fats.
Readers of our blog also describe their positive experiences of switching to the Paleo diet. They particularly emphasize a good general condition and health, which includes the following factors:
-intact immune system
-optimal blood sugar levels
-healthy digestion
-normal blood pressure
-Increased physical and mental performance
-relaxed sleep
-healthy hair and more beautiful skin
-sustainable weight reduction
-Increased stamina and stronger muscles
-Increased concentration
-Less depression and therefore a happier mood
-reduction in allergy symptoms and inflammation, and
-Improved respiratory function in asthmatics.
Through these testimonials, you too can get an idea of the successes that are possible with Paleo.

Paleo is more than just a "Stone Age diet"
No one has to give up their comfortable standard of living to live according to the nutritional principles of the Paleolithic Age. Paleo focuses much more on recognizing which foods are healthy for our bodies, following well-known nutritional theories and combining these with today's scientific findings.
In principle, not everyone can fully integrate this nutritional concept into their everyday lives, but it is advisable to complete a 30-day phase in which the Paleo guidelines are followed without exception in order to promote a corresponding change in diet and experience the full benefits.
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In the long term, however, it is advisable to reintroduce certain foods, including high-quality (raw) dairy products, into the diet.

Further steps in the Paleo diet
After our brief presentation of this nutritional concept, you probably now have some idea of what is behind the term Paleo and how it works. To ensure that you always receive the latest, most interesting information about Paleo in the future, you should definitely subscribe to our newsletter, which you can find in the large orange box at the top right.
Now we don't want to explain the theory to you any longer, but advise you to simply embark on the Paleo diet.

The Paleo principle for practitioners
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If you need support or further information, you can find it on our website. Perhaps this will make it easier for you to get started, although this is of course only an aid and not a basic requirement for Paleo.
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The paleo diet for theorists
If you still haven't received enough information, the following articles will certainly provide you with a specific overview of Paleo. If this is not enough, you are welcome to visit our blog, which is waiting for you with exciting, valuable information. We are convinced that it will help you to clarify even your last questions.
So you can soon start your 30-day Paleo Challenge into a healthy future.

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